אורה ראובן אמנות רב תחומית

Born 1948, located in Tel Aviv, Israel. 

I came to the art in the middle of my life, when had finished taking care of my family.

Multidisciplinary artist, my work involves virtual reality, painting, photography, processed images, video and sculpture, and deals with the relationship between self and society, the naked body and the naked soul, the aging body and the aging soul, nudity and nakedness.

I founded the cooperative not for profit P8 Gallery in 2008, and served as its artistic manager and curator 2008-15

Management Member in The Association of Women's Art and Gender.


Ora Ruven artist

BA - Midrasha School of Art, Beit-Berl, 2006

BA - Linguistics - Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 1990    

One-Person Exhibitions
DJ Mr. Death with Mrs. Ora Ruven, municipal art gallery Afula
Home Of, Jaffa Well Art Gallery, Jaffa

Invasive species museum, Talk and VR Screening, oMo artspace, Berlin, curator Tina Sauerlaender


Go Go Golem, Hakibutz Gallery, Tel Aviv


Red Pompeii, P8 Gallery, Tel Aviv


Diadema (Olympic games in old Greek), Cabri Gallery, Cabri, Israel              

Reuben Shimon and Benjamin, P8 Gallery, Yafo


Nude, P8 Gallery, Yafo, curator Yoav Shmueli  


Mosques in Tel Aviv, P8 Gallery, Yafo

Go Home, Zaritsky Artists House, Tel Aviv  


FEMOSTERONE - Me and Naked Men, P8 Gallery, Yafo

Film Festivals

2019    Jerusalem Film Festival, Jerusalem, Israel

            The Short Movie Club, Minsk, Belarus

             Haifa International Film Festival

2015    Jerusalem shorts festival

2009   Kassel Documentary Film and Video Festival, Kassel, Germany




2020 -  Home Of

         - Mosques In Tel Aviv

2019 - The Invasive Species Museum

          - The human sex life

2018  - King David Plays For Me

          - Nowhere Is Here

         -  ZXY the soul bird

2016 - One three and four

2011 - Venus and you 

2017 - Venus you and me

2008 - Leviathan 

2016 - Vitruvia




2017 - The split view

2015 - Red Pompeii 

2010 - Naked Men 2 

2009 - Naked men 1

Selected Group Exhibitions


Sparks/Magical realism in the valley, The Municipal Art Gallery - Afula

The Personal is Political - Online Screenings by peer to space at Pars Pro Toto, Berlin

Viral Festival - Online festival, curators Lior Zalmanson & Nitzan Cohen & Maya Magnet

M/F - Group Exhibition on Sexuality, Zuzu Gallery, Curator Yossi Veissid

 ז/נ - תערוכה קבוצתית על מיניות, גלריה זוזו, אוצר יוסי וסיד  


Jerusalem Film Festival, Jerusalem, Israel

TNW, Toronto New Wave, immersive media (VR, AR) festival 

Haifa International Film Festival

The Short Movie Club, Minsk Festival

Girl Power, Israeli Art in Los Angeles (IAILA), ARTSY


Long ago (זה מכבר), Ha-Sadna, Yavne

70.70.70. Israeli Artists, Jewish Federation Gallery, Santa Barbara, USA


Chana Orloff: Feminist Sculpture in Israel |Mané-Katz Museum


Pass, Port Gallery, TLV, טוסיק או תחת, curator Liav Mizrahi

Huntenkunst 2016, annual international visual arts event  Ulft' Netherlands

De Israëliërs komen!  Galerie bij de Boeken, Ulft Netherlands


Barbara, Koresh Gallery, Jerusalem


Shem Tov (good name), Cabri Gallery

Common House, P8 Gallery, TLV

Made in Tel Aviv, The Igal Alon Center Aty Gallery, Ginosar

Anual show, Alfred XL Gallery


The Garden Library  – curator Ravit Harari

End Foretold, P8 Gallery, TLV

Keinan Real-Estate - P8 Gallery, TLV

Site Specific 2 project, TLV


Bread and Roses, Minshar, TLV             

ArtMarket Budapest - art fair, Budapest                


Nimrod's Descendants, Artist House, Jerusalem, curator Gideon Ofrat             

The lie of the land, Diaghilev Hotel, Tel Aviv, curator Tamar Tadmor            

Photographed words, P8 Gallery, TLV, curator Alicia Shahaf            


Home 2: The living Room -Apart Art             

Bread and Roses, Minshar gallery, TLV              

Tel Aviv Art Fair, "Fresh Paint 3",    


Kassel Documentary Film and Video Festival, Kassel, Germany             

Z.B.A, GAL-On gallery Tel Aviv. Curator Sagi Refael             

Hulululu - p8gallery, Yffo, curator Rakefet Winer Omer             


A present, Artopia, Yaffo, curator Rakefet Winer Omer 


The Oldest Client in the World, Barbur Gallery, Jerusalem            

Desert generation - The Jerusalem Artists House; Amsterdam            

Earth Day - cinemateque Tel Aviv   


Ha-midrasha - art academy exhibition  


International Sculpture Symposium - Fines, Spain              

Symposium International de Sculpture - Morges, Switzerland 


International Sculpture Symposium - Castel-Raimondo, Italy           

International Sculpture Symposium -Stone in the Galilee, Israel  


Moran museum, Seoul, Korea             

International Symposium -Stone in the Galilee, Israel- certificate of excellence




Tough & ArtiTender, The Third Age and the Fourth Gender, Golden Years in Contemporary Art - 2 parts show with Israeli and global artists co-curated with Sagi Refael

StoryTime, Parallel Event at BB6 – Bucharest Biennale 2014 


Loving Art. Making Art - a collaboration with the TLV annual event municipal curator Sally Haftel Naveh. 

Keinan Real-Estate - P8 Gallery, Yafo

End Foretold, P8 Gallery, TLV 2012 -

Two Deeds, cooperation with Haifa Museum as part of the museum exhibition Haifa-Jerusalem -Tel Aviv


Panthera Tigris Nisnas, Rona Shahar, P8 Gallery

MANIC ORGANIC, Lior Vilenchik, Philip Rantzer, P8 Gallery

Fresh Paint 3 – TLV art fair, Gallery artists Show 


OUT OF BOUNDS, Group show international artists, P8Gallery


Bart-Art, group exhibition, P8 Gallery

Summer Sale, group exhibition, P8 Gallery



Baad gallery (M"A program of Bezalal Art Academy)             

Leumi Bank            

Private collections  


Grants & Awards  

2020    Jaffa Residency

            Art-Lane קרן לתמיכה באמנות בפריפריה

2003    Myron de Bronze -Symposium de Sculpture - Morges, Switzerland  

2001    Prix du public - Symposium International, Morges, Switzerland  

2000    Certificate of excellence - Symposium -Stone in the Galilee, 

Outdoor sculpture              

SII - Israeli Standard Institute, Tel Aviv              

I.D.F- air force base, Har Myron             

Ma`alot mizrah - entranceway to the city